Lots has happened. I quit my dead end slinging coffee job. And no I do not have another job. I applied for a seasonal job with the local baseball team to work home games. (Given that I live in the Midwest and there’s two baseball teams in the city and one is the current World … More

begin countdown

I’m about to go into full throttle silly U2 fan girl mode. My boys are about to embark on a 30 year anniversary tour of the Joshua Tree album and rumor has it that they will be playing two dates where I live in early June. OMG. Or really, OHMYFUCKINGGODICANNOTWAIT. Rumor also has it that … More begin countdown

blank space

Gah. I hate giving a blog entry title to a Taylor Swift song but really, that about sums my life up right now. Last entry? Yeah, up that to 20 job applications and 2o ‘thank you but fuck you’ emails. And then there’s that election thing. You know the one. Where that thing won. So. … More blank space

experimentation fail

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea. I may have mentioned that my husband and a couple of friends had suggested that I start fibbing on my resume about having a degree. Reasons being that said degree wasn’t a specialized one (Really had I honestly graduated, the diploma would have said General Studies/Concentration … More experimentation fail