the art of being lazy

After a shitacular week at work, I have spent the day decompressing. I’ll probably do more of the same tomorrow.

Other than the cat and husband, I don’t want to be around other living creatures until I have to.

I came home from work last night after a quick grocery run (so that I could avoid humans today), and after getting nicely buzzing on wine, I made pie crust and pitted cherries.

So far today, in no particular order, I’ve waded in the lake, taken pictures of the communal yards’ resident bunny, finished putting together the cherry pie, baked said cherry pie (the apartment smells SO FUCKING GOOD), told the cat she was being a cat (the usual response is her looking at me funny), peeled and marinated shrimps for dinner tonight.

I have no clue what I’m doing tomorrow, other than throwing chicken drumsticks into the crock pot for dinner.


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