ten years

I’m writing this now, while it’s fresh in my mind. While the feelings are there and want to come out. Saturday will be ten years. I would like to think that I should not have to explain what ten years ago was. I will never forget. I will never forgive our government, on every level, … More ten years

the days of off

My ‘weekend’ is Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don’t mind this, as it means I’ve got Trader Joe’s/Aldi’s/Whole Foods pretty much to myself. And with all the time I’ve worked in retail, I’m usually working on Saturdays. I would have no clue what to do with myself anymore if I ever had a 9-5/M-F sort of … More the days of off

training day

I was scheduled to train a recent new hire today. I’d like to think that I’m good at training new people to the store. There are definitely some co workers who are not cut out for training staff. But I remember all to well times when I’ve been the new kid and was more or … More training day

a battle of wills

I have been on Weight Watchers since about mid February. While I have maintained a 10 pound loss since mid June, I will admit that since my U2 stalking week at the end of June, I’ve been really, like REALLY, slacking off. Silly me had these grandiose ideas that since I was off for nine … More a battle of wills


I really don’t like that word, but it’s an accurate description of when I have time off and don’t go anywhere. I’m on day 6 of 9. I’ve done some cooking, a few things for dinner that I haven’t tried before. I’ve been binge watching (again) my way through “Downton Abbey”, seasons 1-3. I’ve got … More staycation

hit me with your best

scam/MLM/pyramid scheme. Or rather, please, don’t. I rarely accept new Book of Face requests anymore. I want to keep my feed manageable and given what will probably turn into a nasty election cycle again, I’ll be unfriending and/or blocking as needed to save my sanity. My 30th (eep!) high school reunion is fast approaching and … More hit me with your best