book ideas

I feel like I need to start researching my book idea. I don’t want to have just a book of daily pictures of the lake. I’m getting the sense that I should have some sort of history of Lake Michigan (I mean other than the obvious that it, along with the other Great Lakes were formed when the last Ice Age ended) or maybe a history of the neighborhood that I live in that sits on the lake.

Right now my general feel is to have a chapter or two on the above and then my pictures. As for the pictures, I’m thinking that one or two a week would give the reader a good idea of what the lake looks like from my view point.

Another thing I have to do is look into self publishing. I’m not doing this for the money, it’s really a bee in my bonnet that is buzzing to be set free. (gah how fucking cliche is that?)

All pictures that I’ve taken so far are on the lap top. I still need to copy them to a flash drive and I need to weed out quite a few. By that I mean, when I take a picture every day, I take three or four. I have about four months worth of pictures to weed down to just one a day. From there I’ll be picking the best two or three for every week.

I do already have a title. At least that’s one thing done!


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