hit me with your best

scam/MLM/pyramid scheme.

Or rather, please, don’t.

I rarely accept new Book of Face requests anymore. I want to keep my feed manageable and given what will probably turn into a nasty election cycle again, I’ll be unfriending and/or blocking as needed to save my sanity.

My 30th (eep!) high school reunion is fast approaching and earlier this year I got a friend request from a classmate. I thought, ok, cool. We were both at the 20th and 25th, always fun to keep in touch, etc, so on and so forth, right?

Don’t fucking hit me up with your spammy scammy “Hi, I hope you’re doing well, it’s been so long, I just have to tell you about my AMAZING CAREER OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SHITTONS OF MONEY” spiel.

I came close to trashing a very old and dear friendship over one of these things last year. We finally agreed to disagree and she no longer bugs me about her side business.

I’m ignoring said classmates message for now.

Of course two can play this game. I could respond by telling her how I, an atheist, fully believes in the Church of U2. But I’m evil that way.


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