training day

I was scheduled to train a recent new hire today.

I’d like to think that I’m good at training new people to the store. There are definitely some co workers who are not cut out for training staff. But I remember all to well times when I’ve been the new kid and was more or less thrown to the wolves.

So I make sure I cover as much as I can when I’m the one doing the training.

The annoying thing is about our store policy is that new hires, until their numbers/passwords work, they cannot ring. No one is allowed to ring under anyone else’s number. While I get that, its also annoying as fuck because it leaves the new hire with just watching. How the fuck is that supposed to help? If you’re going to train someone, let them ring so you can show them as they are going. Don’t just let them watch and then when their numbers work, toss them out into the cold.

Needless to say, I got reamed by the store manager when he caught said new hire ringing under my number, not once but twice.

At least I got to show him how a shipping order was done.

And it made the day go by fairly quickly. Still. I really wish upper management would figure this out. But then usually upper management hasn’t worked at the peon level in years, if at all.

(And no, there will never be a ‘I’ll be in upper management one day and I’ll show them’ moment for me. That ship sailed years ago.)


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