the days of off

My ‘weekend’ is Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don’t mind this, as it means I’ve got Trader Joe’s/Aldi’s/Whole Foods pretty much to myself. And with all the time I’ve worked in retail, I’m usually working on Saturdays. I would have no clue what to do with myself anymore if I ever had a 9-5/M-F sort of job.

Tuesday is my grocery shopping day and then my food prep and be lazy day. Today I’m making a batch of home made Cheeze-It’s (OMG YUM, will never eat the commercial shit again) and continuing my binge watching of ‘Downton Abbey’. My husband is finally resembling a human being and is about to go exploring on his bike.

Our furry child (no human little ones here, ever. Besides, that train is finally leaving the station for good) is in ‘her’ window, basking in the sun.

Tomorrow is often our day for hitting up the various thrift/antique stores in our neighborhood. And there’s a used book store on the way home that is always worth poking into.

Tomorrow night my husband will probably hog the TV for the purpose of continuing his quest on Fallout 3. I might watch, I’ve tried picking up the game from time to time, but I guess I’m just too much of a Lego fan to get into Fallout. (We’ve both played our way through most of the Lego games on the PS3)

Overall, it’ll be a relaxing weekend. It’s a good life.


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