rock holes

I’m the one in the yellow dress. C and I have known each other since practically birth. When this was taken (either by her mother or mine), we were three or four. Audobon Park was our second back yard and our moms would take us over there daily. On the way, there were these mysterious … More rock holes

i don’t want

this to become a pity party job hunt woe is me i suck why can’t i find a job i hate everybody blog. Plans I had for today fell through, so I did today what I had planned to do on Friday. Calm down, nothing too exciting. Just a trip to Evanston to see who … More i don’t want


I lost my job yesterday. This is not the first time I’ve been fired. But it’s the first time it came out of the blue, from no where and with such a force of hatred from the upper food chain of command that I’m still in shell shock. I could fight it, contest it, but … More stages