blah blah blah work rant blah

I guess I’m just getting old and from a generation who recognized loyalty and hard work as a means to get ahead.

I do not get how the store manager keeps hiring kids who don’t give a fuck.

They get hired, they are all kinds of excited but when it comes to doing actual, you know, WORK, they slack off and then get all whiney butt when they don’t make their sales goals.

…and the store manager is my age or older. I suspect he hires who he does so that he (from my point of view) thinks he can control them (he is a HUGE micromanager)

I can work with anyone. Really. It’s called being an adult. It’s all about putting on your adult panties every day and checking your personal life at the door.

Today was just one of those days where I wanted to zap everyone with a taser…..


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