it’s a list thing

I’m doing a blogging challenge and today’s task is to write a list. The challenge gave three ideas to choose from, however I’m going to cheat a tad.

Today is my ‘Friday’ and by now I’m working on my weekly grocery list.

I start out by making two lists and referring to a master grocery list that’s on one of the doors in the kitchen. The first list is things I have on hand in the freezer, fridge and pantry. From that I see how many dinners and possible lunches I can come up with. Then I look at the  master list and see what we are out of or are close to being out of.

So far, the list of things we need include:

dishwashing liquid

paper towels

wet and dry cat food (She’ll eat any kind of dry. Wet food MUST be Friskies and MUST be chicken, turkey or beef and MUST have ‘gravey’)

chips or crackers


green onions

bell peppers

tuna fish



I’m working on the late shift on Thursday and I’m eating out with friends on Saturday, so there’s two nights right there where I won’t be cooking dinner. I did a good job of stocking up on basics last month, so I’m thinking I can keep this weeks’ tab to under $50. I will probably to go to Trader Joe’s. (We are very lucky in that it’s an easy walk/bus ride to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Aldi’s)

I like to try something new every week, and Aldi’s has ramen noodles for stupid cheap. I found some good ramen noodle recipes, so I’m thinking my new thing to try will be a ramen noodle salad.


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