i regret nothing

So I’m participating in Word Press’s blog challenge thing and today’s task is to choose one word from a list of given words and write about it.

I chose the word regret.

And something that I’ve realized in the past few years is that it’s not worth it anymore to have regrets. I’ve made my bed. Sometimes it’s full of lumps, so be it. There are comfy spots as well. I choose to lie in the comfy spots.

There are things in my life that I’ve chosen not to do or finish. There are certainly royal fucked up decisions that I’ve made that have brought me to where I am now. There are things that I’ve done or ways in which I’ve acted that yes, I probably shouldn’t have done or acted so.

But I no longer regret.

Next week I turn 49. My last year in my 40’s. And what a fucking, kick ass decade it has been. I look forward to my fifties and my only wish is that they are as much fun as the last ten years.

Why on earth spend the rest of my life regretting something that I no longer have control over?


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