what is that little thing around your wrist?

With a birthday rapidly approaching, my mom asked me what I wanted this year.

In the past I’ve asked things…stuff. Stuff I really didn’t need (ok, yes I DID need season 4 of “Game of Thrones”. Shut up), but hey, it’s MY birthday and well. Yeah. Stuff.

On the weight loss front, I admit I’ve really slacked off on the exercise. Since my U2 stalking vacation in June, I’ve gotten really bad about getting on the stationary bike daily. (Um, how about never? Is that daily enough?) I’m still walking the same and still tracking everything I eat (because I set up the WW app on my phone to scream at me until I track).

I’ve lost 15 lbs. I’ve been able to maintain that loss and while that’s great, it’s not enough. Not for me any way.

So I asked her for a fitbit.

Maybe I feel l like I need that little extra boost. Maybe a part of me loves the idea of LOOK I GOT A NEW SHINEY (ok, not really, but you know)TOY SEE WHAT IT CAN DO.

Yesterday was the first full day using it and I gotta admit. It’s pretty fucking cool. I have it synchronized to the fitbit app on my phone and to my Weight Watchers account. It measures all steps taken, how far I walk, calories burned and if one desires, other assorted odds and ends.

I can set challenges for myself and for friends and various goal things.

So yeah. Happy

(Stooopid computer. I thought I’d lost this. Gah. )


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