where i write my soul

Today’s task in the writing 101 thingy is to share with y’all where I write.

While my phone has it’s many uses, blogging and a few other things are really best done on the laptop.

I share a laptop with my husband. It lives on a desk in our bedroom. Most of the time when I’m cranking out a blog entry or doing a few other odds and ends, it’s after work. Some times it will be on my days off, which means it could be any time during the day or that night.

That’s really about it. Back ground noise is either whatever one of us has put on the CD player to play (music tastes range are wide. Anything but hard core metal and twangy country. Both of us are Gen Xers, so it is heavy on 80s music), or as like now, he is playing Fallout 3 on the PS3.

And finally, part of today’s task is to create a poll. What would y’all like me to write about?




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