an open letter to

C, C, and P

Hi, it’s been a long time. A very long time.

But I have never, ever forgotten. I forgave long ago. But I will never forget.

How in fuck’s name could you be so mean to me? All I wanted was to fit in. To be a part of the crowd. To have friends. But the three of you never gave me the chance.

Why? Because my parents didn’t have the kind of money that yours did? Because I was never going to be in the same social circles that you would be later in life? Because I didn’t have the right clothes or live at the right address?

You made my three years at that school intolerable. I suffered in silence because back then, the term ‘bullying’ wasn’t a thing. You were just MEAN.

Girls at that age are like that, I get that, but wow. Y’all really out did it. Every chance you could. I left that school so shy, so insecure, so afraid of making friends, of reaching out. No wonder I went through most of high school with no social life.

This is just me, now, almost 40 years later, saying hi. Do you remember?


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