it’s a coffee thing

It’s only been recently (ok, within the last 20 years, but hey, I’m pushing 50, so recently, ok) that I’ve been drinking coffee on a regular basis.

Granted I grew up in a time where there was not a Starsucks (sorry, but that shit is NASTY) on every corner. It was bitter, it was just ewww gross. I tried it with milk and sugar once, but still. bitter, ew and gross.

In the mid 90’s, I got a job at gourmet coffee house in New Orleans. It was a small company at the time, four stores and the coffee was all roasted in the city. Naturally as part of the job, I had to taste the coffee because I had to be able to tell customers about it.

One of the perks of the job was being able to drink all the coffee you wanted. I discovered that while hot coffee wasn’t really my thing (that notion has since changed), iced coffee, or better yet iced mochas rocked my fucking world. I would all but mainline the stuff.

Give me a large iced mocha with milk and chocolate and wow. Heaven. Pure. Heaven.

I now drink it hot, although I still prefer iced. I drink it with a shot of milk and some sugar. (Better, yet? Milk and a shot of Kahlua. THAT IS THE BOMB)

It only took half my life. Now of course I’m one those annoying people who claim they need a coffee IV in the morning.

(Although sometimes a wine IV would be even better.)


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