i don’t want

this to become a pity party job hunt woe is me i suck why can’t i find a job i hate everybody blog.

Plans I had for today fell through, so I did today what I had planned to do on Friday.

Calm down, nothing too exciting. Just a trip to Evanston to see who might be hiring (re previous entry, I can’t put all my proverbial eggs in one basket) and get some walking in.

At this time of year, naturally places are gearing up for Holiday hiring only. Well that’s nice and find and dandy but. I didn’t fill out any applications since I didn’t have any spare resumes on hand. But I got my steps in for the day and it’s not even 3pm and I’ve still got some walking to do later. Go me!

Going out to eat tonight (see more walking above) with a friend who is treating me as a belated birthday dinner. Nothing fancy, just a good pub in the neighborhood that has good burgers and REALLY GOOD Sangria.

Tomorrow some of my former coworkers (damn that seems odd to call them that) are taking me and one of the other fatalities from Saturday out to dinner.

And I fly home next week for five days of visiting family, friends and eating All The Seafood. My husband will stay here with the cat. Someone has to keep him in check, right?


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