what do i want to DO

I am having a slight panic attack over the fact that in all honesty, my days of working full time are probably over and done.

While I am very grateful to have a part time job, that’s all it will probably amount to. Part time.

Which means no insurance, no benefits, no paid vacation, no retirement fund of any sort.

I know that I’m very lucky in that the First National Bank of Mom is helping out and is not asking me to pay her back (Probably because I’m her only child, dunno, as we don’t have human off spring), if she wasn’t there to help out (and for the record, I didn’t ask), I would have had no choice but to cash out my retirement fund from the last two jobs.

I don’t look it, but I am less than a year shy of 50. My retail resume alone dates me. Employers these days want someone young, fresh out of college with shit loads of experience and willing to work for nothing. Job loyalty and work ethic don’t mean jack shit any more.

As much as I hate to admit it, I have ‘dumbed down’ my resume. I well have the qualifications to go back into retail management. However I no longer want that kind of stress or hours. I can sell. I can sell the shit out of anything.

My husband (who by choice is working part time) tells me to see this as an early retirement. Ha ha.

I guess I really just need to find something else to DO with all this spare time that I have.


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