that green stuff and getting OUT

This part time job that I have has really been just that. Part time.

JFC, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a part time job? 20 or more years? Right now I’m working maybe 9 hours a week.

I knew this going in. What I really did not expect was to be this OMG bored bat shit stir crazy.

So I’ve been looking for excuses to get out of the apartment. Days off that I share with my husband (and weather permitting), we’ve been bike riding up to the northern burbs. Chicago was at it’s peak last week in foliage so this was a nice treat for me. (I’ve been up here fifteen years and fall still gob smacks me)

I’ve done the zoo, since Chicago has one of the only (if not the last) free zoos in the country. And I’ve been taking my Kindle and walking over to the public beach to sit and read and/or people watch.

I’ve tossed about the idea of volunteering somewhere and I’m still looking into that, however.

This part time job? 10 hours a week? Ain’t gonna pay rent. Since finding a second part time job has so far proven to be a joke, I thought why not try secret shopping?

I haven’t signed up with anyone yet, Still digging around, finding companies who conduct shops and making a plan of attack.

In other news, I errands to run today and had to wear a hat, mittens and scarf. The Southern Belle in me was Not. Amused.


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