the evils of the employee discount

Ok, so I have figured out that I no longer want ALL THE THINGS at the new job….I just want some of ALL THE THINGS.

I’ve made a list of things that, well, some I WANT, and some I could honestly use, as it would make my life in the kitchen (such that it is for all its postage stamped sized) easier.

Things I WANT

a mixer

a Dutch oven

soda stream (cuz I like my fizzy water. I gave up drinking battery acid (aka pop/soda) but I miss the carbonation)

small coffee grinder

Things I NEED

new potholders

egg poacher

several small mixing bowls

new pizza pan

veggie slicer


I was at work today and was very good. I got my first paycheck (and wow, wasn’t expecting that amount, but then I’m not used to only having taxes taken out.) but life comes first and maybe next paycheck I will treat myself.

This is going to be a VERY DANGEROUS place to work.


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