observations at work

Today was my first day at work for working on a weekend day.

Granted, I’ve been in retail for a LONG time, but the last job was pretty stupid easy peasy and I’m not used to working in a mall environment.

I half expected the mall and/or the store where I work to be blasting the dreaded cheesy Christmas music and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that both were still playing regular plain jane music.

I’m sure that will change soon.

I got my workout today, that’s for sure! While it wasn’t crazy busy (and granted my idea of crazy busy is equal to INSANE OMG I WANT TO KILL KILL KILL ALL THE THINGS NOW NOW NOW), it was steady and I’m not used to the running around that I was doing.

It was still a good day, I learned how to ring up a few things (or more as in new register things, such as exchanges and more difficult returns) and everyone else who was assigned to the cash wrap with me was very nice about walking me through how to do all those things.

We have sales goals but I get the impression that it’s not the end of the world the sky is falling if you don’t make your goal. (as opposed to previous jobs where you would be chatted to if you didn’t because SKY IS FALLING FOR THE ONE DAY THAT YOU WERE A TOTAL FUCKING FAILURE….fuck that shit)

The company that I now work for is big on capturing email. I have to ask every customer that I ring up if they want to be on our email blast. Most of the time, I’m finding, that if they are not already in our system, they don’t want to be.

And I caved and knocked off a few things off my list off THINGS THAT I NEED…but hey that Evil Employee Discount is….very evil. With what I purchased, I saved over $20.

Dog help me if I cave and get a big ticket (over $100, to me) thing. Game over. Might as well just see if I can sign over my paychecks back to the store….


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