random stuff

The finger is healing well. Much better and faster than I had expected, although I still can’t use a lighter(gotta have my smokes!) with my right thumb. Oh well, first world problems, right?

Work has been ok. I still really like this job but it’s only part time and let’s be honest. I need a full time gig. I’m in retail. I’m pushing 50, with no degree. The chances of me finding a full time non management job are pretty slim. I’ll keep trying but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

The Chicagoland area is supposed to have a mild winter. At least not the Chiberia that we have had the past few years. I have been up here long enough to adopt a ‘If I see it, I will believe it’, so, yeah.

Not much else going on.

The cat is still a bed hog.


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