that hobby thing

I’m still taking daily pictures of the lake. My grand idea of doing a book has kinda fallen to the wayside. I’ve gone through all the pictures from last year and have at least narrowed it down to my personal favorites, 2 or 3 per week. I just need to get my act together and … More that hobby thing

the switches

Two days a week I go to job #1. (I’m calling job 1 cuz it’s the first of 2 part time jobs I got after I was fired last fall. I’ve been there since last October, currently working every Saturday and Sunday) I wake up Saturdays and mentally tell my brain and body to get … More the switches

the aisles

Friday when I did my weekly grocery run, I did something I rarely do (as in maybe every 6 or so months). I actually took the time to walk up and down every aisle. When I’m shopping at Trader Joe’s or Aldi’s, I do this because at those two store, I kinda have to walk … More the aisles

a history of jobs

I’ve been in retail for going on 16 years. I’d like to think I’ve picked up a number of skills. Before that I did a 3 year stint in ‘Corporate America’, mainly in payroll, accounting (HA! And with my shitty math skills at that!) and general office monkey. Before that I worked in food service; … More a history of jobs


I am still here. I’m now working 2 part time jobs, Job #1 on the weekends and I’ve picked up a coffeehouse/bakery job during the week, hence Job#2. While I am very grateful for having a roof over our heads, and the parental units on ┬ámy side are helping us out moneywise, it’s been coming … More life