I am still here. I’m now working 2 part time jobs, Job #1 on the weekends and I’ve picked up a coffeehouse/bakery job during the week, hence Job#2.

While I am very grateful for having a roof over our heads, and the parental units on  my side are helping us out moneywise, it’s been coming with strings, or rather stringed barbed wire attached.

I spend my days off online, all the fucking time. On days I’m at either job, I will come home and spend a couple of hours digging around for places to apply to.

It’s been five months today since I lost my full time job.

While I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head and at least something resembling income, it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve been stress eating, I’m drinking up a storm, I’ve gone back to biting my nails and I’ve gained back most of the weight that I lost last year. Yeah. fun stuff.

I do not want this to become a pity party blog but maybe I need to start venting more on here instead of annoying the shit out of my Facebook feed.



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