a history of jobs

I’ve been in retail for going on 16 years. I’d like to think I’ve picked up a number of skills. Before that I did a 3 year stint in ‘Corporate America’, mainly in payroll, accounting (HA! And with my shitty math skills at that!) and general office monkey. Before that I worked in food service; from waiting on tables to working in a coffee house.

Basically between retail and food service I’m looking at over 20 years in the customer service industry.

I’ve been looking at jobs at the colleges and hospitals in the city, mainly in the admin areas. Just as an office monkey. Granted, I know that I’d be bored to tears, but hello, full time with decent benefits, right?

My most recent ‘thank you but no thank you’ email from one of the colleges was for a basic office monkey sort of job.

Great. So my time in retail is not any good?

The general rule of thumb these days, for anyone who has been in the work force past their 30s is to only include the last 10-15 years of work experience. That shoots the ‘Corporate America’ experience out.

And I really think the age discrimination thing is rearing it’s head. I don’t look my age. (I’ll be 50 later this year) I can easily pass for 10 years younger (thank you DNA, lifestyle and luck).

Yesterday marked 5 months since I was let go from the museum. I’m very thankful I have the 2 part time jobs that I do. But I’m really starting to think that at this stage, it’s all I’m going to find.

(Don’t even go into the ‘YOU HAVE TO CREATE A BRAND FOR YOURSELF’. That’s another post for another day)

(Also for another day is the time it takes for filling out just ONE stupid job application. And assessment tests. OMFuckingG, yeah.)








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