the switches

Two days a week I go to job #1. (I’m calling job 1 cuz it’s the first of 2 part time jobs I got after I was fired last fall. I’ve been there since last October, currently working every Saturday and Sunday)

I wake up Saturdays and mentally tell my brain and body to get ready to sell ALL THE THINGS to customers so they can be the best cooks ever. I’m on the company’s spammy email list so that I can be on top of what’s on sale so if a customer asks, I can at least somewhat know what the fuck they are talking about.

I switch back to job hunt mode for an hour or two when I get home. And go back into cooking mode for job #1 on Sunday.

Back to a brief job hunt mode Sunday night.

Then it’s time to tell myself that I have to make all the coffee at job #2 for three days. I’m still learning how to make the various drinks but I can handle a basic espresso and an Americano. I need to improve my milk frothing.

I’m at job#2 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Come home, go into a brief job hunt mode. Watch a silly movie, cook dinner.

Thursdays have become my new grocery shopping day. (Back in the stone age, five months ago, when I had a full time job,  that day was Tuesday) But really Thursdays and Fridays, I’m in full GIMME A FULL TIME JOB WITH INSURANCE AND BENEFITS AND DECENT VACAY TIME NOW mode.

I’m mentally wiped the fuck out.


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