that hobby thing

I’m still taking daily pictures of the lake. My grand idea of doing a book has kinda fallen to the wayside.

I’ve gone through all the pictures from last year and have at least narrowed it down to my personal favorites, 2 or 3 per week. I just need to get my act together and DO something with all this.

If nothing else, I’ll throw together a short picture only book, just one copy for me, to see how it comes out.

What I really wanted to do was literally write a book, but, oh I don’t know, losing a job kinda got me side tracked. (Yeah, paging Pity Party, Table for one)

It has become a habit though to take a picture a day. And for all the years we’ve lived in this neighborhood (going on ten), the daily changes in the lake are still kinda cool to see.

Once it warms up again, I’ll probably go back to getting up to watch the sun rise a couple times a week. Given my schedule between both jobs, I can easily do that.

One of my self appointed ‘chores’ in this regard is to visit our neighborhood historical society, I’d love to see how far back any archives go and see if they have any pictures of the lake shore in the neighborhood.

And since I’m making a renewed effort to update this daily, maybe I can write some snippets or something for the pictures that I’d like to use.




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