executive retail babysitter

Because really, that’s all it is. Babysitting customers.

When I worked in women’s ready to wear, it never ceased to amaze me how many customers needed hand holding for trying on clothes.

We’re talking grown adults, who have families, careers and lives. But they were clueless on how to dress.

How the fuck do you get to be an adult and not know what styles and colors work on you?

I remember two customer in particular who really needed coddling and while they were nice enough and usually spent money, they could both be total time sucks. There were times that if I saw them elsewhere in the store, I’d want to find any reason to not be around when they walked into the department looking for me. If they found me, game over, I’d be stuck for an hour or more helping them.

Job #1 is currently at a cookware/bakeware store. It’s not as much babysitting as ready to wear, as most customers tend to know exactly what they want, but every now and then you get someone who again, got to be an adult and has no clue on basic cooking skills.

At that point, I often recommend they take a couple of cooking classes. There are a couple of basic classes that the company offers that gives one an over view of cooking, cutting, and basic kitchen tips.

In this current round of job hunting, I’ve been really tempted to put the title of Executive Retail Babysitter under my job skills.


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