white courtesy phone

paging Pity Party, Table for one.

I have been so engrossed in this job hunting bullshit that I’ve forgotten to be social.

So I’m trying to at least have lunch on my off days with friends who are available.

This week, no one. Two people have blown me off and another got all wishy washy. First world problems, it’s not ALL ABOUT ME, I know.

But it kinda stings.

Today was my grocery day and I still have to do some puttering about in the kitchen. But what the fuck am I going to do tomorrow? March has very much lived up to the saying ‘comes in like a lion’, so it’s kinda chilly and snowy and blah out. But I don’t want to stay inside again. I want to go out and do something, or at least hang out with someone.

I don’t want to spend another day online job hunting, even though I know I’m supposed to SPEND EVERY WAKING FUCKING MINUTE OF MY DAY JOB HUNTING BECAUSE THE SKY WILL FALL IF I DON’T.

(Um, the current political issues in the US seem to be taking care of that, so no.)

I’m thinking about venturing over to the museum to visit my favorite paintings and to see who is left working in the gift shops. Or there’s the zoo, which is free. And well, free is good.

I guess I just don’t like feeling this way. Left out, kicked to the curb and let’s see how many more times the puppy can be kicked before said puppy bites back.


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