on being social

Sometimes I have to remember to get out there and see other people in the world.

I become so obsessed with LOOKING FOR A JOB NOW NOW NOW, and get so caught up in doing nothing but job hunting on my days off that I forget there are friends and possible networking opportunities that I need to think about.

So I’ve been making an effort to reach out to friends I haven’t seen in a while, since the Book of Face and texting and email can only do so much. Human to human interaction is just as important, right?

I had a good breakfast this morning with a woman who I’ve known online for years. We actually only live a few miles apart but even in the BIG CITY, at most, we literally run into each other on the street from time to time.

We both are dealing with personal baggage bullshit but it was nice to just sit, eat and catch up on silly day to day things, share our stories on struggles and toss about a few ‘have you tried so and so’ ideas.

We are both in similar points in our personal and professional lives, so it was nice to hear that it really isn’t just me thinking that I’m walking around with a ‘L’ for LOSER stapled to my forehead.



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