i can’t even anymore

I want to win the lottery right fucking now.

Because I’m so fed the fuck UP with everyone, all Dems and GOPers not being able to put on their big boy and girl panties and act like fucking adults and doing nothing but acting like a group of pre schoolers who can’t play nice in the sand box?

Fuck them all.

I want a private island in the middle of no where. I want a cabana boy (my husband will do nicely) who will be at my beck and call. I want to be on a white sandy beach, nursing Sangrias all fucking day long.

What I really want? While I fully intend on voting in my states primary on Tuesday, what I really really really want?

A fucking full time fucking JOB. With vacation. And insurance.

I will vote on Tuesday. And I will vote on Election Day in November. But JESUSFUCKINGSCHRISTONAFUCKINGPOGOSTICK. Give me a job.

Is that asking for too much?








…..apparently so….




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