Here’s an age old question.

How am I supposed to apply for what is basically an entry level job in a (slightly) different industry when I have no experience and they want years of it?

I’m sure said job description was written by someone who really has no fucking clue what the job actually entails, but when said description rattles off three or four MUST HAVE THIS to apply for an entry level job?

Do I even bother?

I see this again and again. I can spin a cover letter that highlights my time in the customer service industry and how I’m used to working with the public and used to working with customers when English isn’t their first or second language (smiling, pointing, nodding can really go a long way).

I bookmarked a web site where I can copy paste the job description, ditto my resume (aha, which version to use? the NEW SHINEY EVEN MORE DUMBED DOWN ONE or the what’s proving to be a pointless functional one?) and said website will point out missing key words on my resume. Then I add those words/phrases here and there and hit send…

….and watch said resume fall into the Abyss of the Black Hole of Resumes.



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