the pit of my stomach

I’m off today and while it’s gorgeous out, I knew I needed to spend a few hours on the computer job hunting, updating my job thingy spreadsheet and well, the usual figuring out what the hell is going on.

You know, same shit, different day.

I’ve got U2 cranked in my ear because other than my husband and cat, my boys are really what is keeping me sane right now.

I’ll be taking a break shortly to watch another episode of Game of Thrones (season 5 on blue ray arrived yesterday, yay!) so there’s that.

The husband is off to shoe shop, the cat is napping in the sun, giving us the usual ‘touch me and DIE’ look.

I’ve got tacos planned for dinner.

I’m really trying to stay positive but there are days such as this, when I sit at the computer, pull up all the things I need to job hunt and well….maybe it’s just my own self doubt, maybe it’s the past six months of reject emails, maybe it’s just the way it IS, but it’s not even 1 pm and I’m already feeling the call of the wine bottle.

Le sigh. I’m so TIRED of bitching. To you, to friends, to family, to anyone who will listen (and then regret asking because they will back away slowly)

I guess I need to start posting OMG THE CUTE IT KILLS cat pictures?


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