this and that

So I tweeted the hell out of that company that asked my age on a job assessment test. And I had friends who re tweeted my tweets. Probably not the most professional thing to do but fuck me.

You do not ask for age on anything job related. You. Just. Don’t.

Said company contacted me and we had a nice little chat. They were totally pulling the CYA shit and insisted that no one sees that stuff until after a job is offered.

Yeah. And I have a cool bridge that crosses Lake Michigan I can sell.

Anyways, I took that as a sign to step away from The Crazy and took a job hunting vacation for a week.

I’ve applied to a few jobs since then and have an interview for one on Monday.

A job for a company that I found on one of the job board sites and thought, ‘why not, I’m probably not qualified but fuck it’. Ha. Said company got back to me almost instantly wanting to set up an interview.

I’m thinking, ok, cool. I’ll play along and scheduled it. THEN I thought to do some digging around on said company.

No wonder they want to see me. It’s basically an MLM direct door to door sales that pays straight commission with no benefits.

As in, they have an obscene turnover. They do tend to hire victims…er kids, fresh out of college and I guess my resume, with all the ‘right’ keywords sent them into orgasmic overload.

I’ll go on the interview, as I need the practice. But if they want to see me again, I’ll give the “I’m not a good fit” reply.

I had a phone screening interview today for a job for an eye wear company that is expanding. They have locations up and down the East coast and are looking at the Chicago market. Only the in person interviews would have been out in BFE, Illinois. Since I don’t drive, getting to BFE isn’t possible. Sucks cuz from my digging around, it seemed like a nice gig.

The two part time jobs are going well. I still like both, so there’s that, right?

More news but let’s save it for later.




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