going home

I had accepted the fact that with no full time job and as a result, no vacation pay that I probably would not be going home this year. That stung and I tried not to think about it.

My mom has always paid my airfare and I try to the best that I can to find flights for around $300. I’m long over and done with changing planes and layovers and shit, so I’m always looking for direct flights.

United and American have usually come through with direct flights at reasonable prices that don’t have me flying at the ass crack of dawn or some over night silliness.

During one of our recent weekly phone calls, my mom offered to basically pay  me to come home in the fall. (Part birthday and part 30th (!!!!eeepppp) high school reunion) I stressed that I couldn’t afford to take off more than a couple of days. But she insisted, so I caved.

Doing some digging and I discovered that coach round trip on United is pretty dirt stupid cheap right now. And first class? Holy fucking shit. Round trip. $500.


I pounced.

I’m going home to stuff myself with ALL THE SEAFOOD in the fall.



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