stop wasting my time

Two days ago, I thought how amusing that I had stopped looking for retail jobs. I’d deleted all retail job related book marks, deleted all retail job related things on the spreadsheet I use to keep track of things.

I’d been playing phone and email tag with two retailish recruiters and wanted to see if either of those played out before I REALLY HONEST AND FOR TRUE told the retail industry to fuck off.

Got a phone call Tuesday from HR from one of the companies wanting to know if I’d be interested in interviewing for a job. Full time sales, just as the recruiter had said.

(Guess where this is going. Go on, guess. First two guesses don’t count.)

So I set up an interview for yesterday. I print up a hard copy of my resume. I print out the job application thing they emailed me (WTF, my resume isn’t enough? Really?) I do my due research on the company. I come up with a list of questions I knew I’d be asked. I come up with questions to ask. I get all dressed (which really, as long as I’m looking like a member of the human race, fine) and go to the interview.

Fucking part time seasonal sales. And am I sure I wasn’t interested, even though I stated that I was looking for full time and that I already had two part time jobs.

Yeah. On the bright side, my husband went downtown with me and afterwards we spent the afternoon roaming around and treated ourselves to a late lunch at the Walnut Room. Because yes, their $12 burgers really are that good.

I’m also about to tell the hotel industry to fuck off, as I’ve been steadily applying to jobs when they pop up since the beginning of the year. All I’m getting back is are nice little ‘x’s on my job spread sheet that indicate thank you but no thank you. Ok, I get that hint.

What’s left? Non profits, social media, customer servicey jobs, temp work (I’d rather slit my wrists and my office skills are so outdated), federal jobs.

Or throw all caution to the wind, break my rule about going into debt, take out a loan and start a business.

(Pardon me while I spew up my coffee from laughter over that last one. Because while the thought has occurred to me, there’s the debt thing and there’s the ‘I have no clue what sort of business to start)




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