because reasons

I think it’s time.

Since my last post, I’ve kept on thinking that. Why not? What have I got to lose? Life is too short, right? Finding a real job that involves me leaving the house on a daily basis is not going anywhere. And I feel like I have to try this.

I’m going to start a business.

Given all my years in the customer service industry, and with about 10 of that in women’s ready to wear retail, it seems like a natural choice to become some sort of personal shopper/stylist.

I have the skill set. I have the talent. While I’ve not paid attention to fashion since leaving the job at a major department store five years ago, I could easily get back into that, right?

So I’ve spent the afternoon jotting notes and creating a business plan. I’d need to get business cards, create a website, and create a Facebook page.  I already have a Twitter account that I use for job hunting, I could easily re work that. I’d have to invest some money into a ‘work’ (officey, gotta look the part, right?) wardrobe and have a couple of professional head and body shots done. I’ve done some initial research on the competition in town and even emailed some of them for questions about getting started.

I know what sort of a customer I want to target and I know where/what part of town I’d like to start finding clients.

I still have to come up with a name.

Edited to add –

So maybe it’s my own self doubt. Maybe it’s legit reasons. As much as I want to do this, I keep on thinking of why I can’t.

Maybe I have to stop being so fucking negative. Maybe I should have jumped on this bandwagon years ago. Although, doing something like this wasn’t even on my radar the last time I was looking for a job.

I don’t have a car. I don’t drive. My mom has offered to buy me a car. Um. Ok. So how am I going to shit the money to pay for gas, insurance, upkeep and parking? Going through with this business thing would really be much easier with a car.

(I haven’t driven since I drove the UHaul up here in 2000.)

And that brings me to the other main reason I don’t think I can pull this off. Money. That green stuff. Or rather lack of it.

We have no savings. We live paycheck to paycheck. There is nothing left. I could take a loan from my bank, but no. I spent most of my adult life drowning in student loan debt fucking hell. Other than a manageable credit card balance, I am debt free.

What if this business doesn’t take off or fails? Then how the fuck am I going to pay back a loan?

Also, see the ‘I should have jumped on the bandwagon’ thing up there. Really, after doing some digging, I’m hardly the only one to have this idea. There are A LOT of personal shoppers and whathaveyou in the city.

(I even emailed about six of them asking for advice. I got one response. Not really a surprise.)

So now I feel like I’m back to square fucking one. I’m not looking for retail jobs anymore. I’m about to give hotel jobs the finger because apparently my ten years working on Michigan Ave doesn’t mean jack. I don’t have a degree for an office monkey job. (Fuck, I’m even seeing office monkey jobs who want applicants to have Masters. WTF)

Apparently I’m doomed to work part time for the rest of my life.






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