if wishes were horses…..

So I’m a little into a week with being full time at the cafe.

Pros – all the brewed coffee I can drink. Closing shift gets their pick of any left over sandwiches and baguettes.  Decent employee discount on bagged coffee and a discount on the other two restaurants that the owner runs.

Cons – dead end job. This is not how I thought turning 50 would be. (And this is reminding me more and more of what turning 30 was. And my 30th birthday was probably my worst ever in the History of Birthdays)

I know now more than ever that what I really want to do is own a franchise that I can run out of my home (hell, the bedroom since that’s where the laptop usually lives). Or maybe, just maybe a store of something…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve got over 20 fucking years in the customer service industry. I KNOW I could make a small business/franchise work. I know that it would probably take a year to be make a profit.

I can’t get a grant. I can’t get a loan. (Yes I’ve done the research. Aint gonna happen because reasons) I could either take a huge ass leap of faith and cash out my 401k or as my mom for the money.

I’m almost fucking half a century old. I think it’s time I took some more chances.



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