plan b?

Plan A has been shot down.

(As in, buying a home based franchise is not going to happen.)

I’m glad I asked because I knew the worst my mom could do was say no. And for a while I really thought she might say yes. I knew that I had nothing to lose by asking.

But to say I’m disappointed right now is a vast understatement.

I’m going to allow myself to wallow in the ‘I’M A BIG FAT LOSER WITH A DEAD END JOB AT 50’ for a few days.

When I get back from my trip next month, I’ll re start the job hunt.

I thought I could reinvent myself, but apparently I can’t. I have no fucking clue what comes next and where else to look.

I just know that I cannot fucking sling coffee for the next 17 years. I’d really rather slit my wrists now.


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