experimentation fail

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea.

I may have mentioned that my husband and a couple of friends had suggested that I start fibbing on my resume about having a degree. Reasons being that said degree wasn’t a specialized one (Really had I honestly graduated, the diploma would have said General Studies/Concentration in Theater), and it was/would have been going on 25 years ago.

Like who the fuck would follow up on that, right?


I updated my resume to reflect as such and for shits and giggles went on a job application spree. I thought maybe that along with every fucking thing else that I do, that maybe, oh MAYBEPLEASECHRISTONASTICKDOYOUNEEDMYDNAANDFIRSTBORNNEVERTOBEBORNCHILD, claiming I have a degree would at least net me 1 or 2 interviews.

(I use a website called Jobscan when applying to jobs. It’s basically you copy/paste your resume and copy/paste said job description and hit the cute little button. And it spits out what the key words are in the job description vs what’s in your resume and then I tweek the resume as much as I can to fit)

I applied to 10 jobs two weeks ago.

So far right now I’ve gotten five ‘thank you but no thank you’ emails. Which makes me thing that I’m either over qualified or too old. Or both.

Le Sigh. Back to Square One?



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