blank space

Gah. I hate giving a blog entry title to a Taylor Swift song but really, that about sums my life up right now.

Last entry? Yeah, up that to 20 job applications and 2o ‘thank you but fuck you’ emails.

And then there’s that election thing. You know the one. Where that thing won.

So. Many. More. People have expressed how I feel so much better than I could then and even now.

I am still angry (not so much more at her losing, but at him winning. And at her losing to him). I am still very very VERY FUCKING SCARED of what this country has/will turn into.

Can we say that in a little over a month that we will be living a mashup of 1984/Hunger Games/Handmaid’s Tail? Yes? Right? Thought so.

So the election thing mixed up with my apparent inability to find a decent full time paying job with decent benefits.


Fucking. Blank. Fucking. Space.

(although from time to time Neil Gaimans’ version of Despair works as well. I’m just the fucking life of the fucking pahtee, aint I?)

I am really having a very hard time thinking about how things will be post January 20th.

Oh! And! The! Best! PART?! I’m flying home for a few days in mid Jan, right before that thing gets sworn into office.

I hail from a very blue city in a very red state. Naturally, my mom and step dad voted for him. So I’m basically going into enemy camp. (Trip was planned and paid for pre Black Tuesday and plane tix are non refunable. So.)

I will be doing A. LOT. of Biting of The Tongue. Fun times, yo.




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