begin countdown

I’m about to go into full throttle silly U2 fan girl mode.

My boys are about to embark on a 30 year anniversary tour of the Joshua Tree album and rumor has it that they will be playing two dates where I live in early June.


Rumor also has it that this tour they will be playing JT in its entirety. As in, there are songs on there that have either never been played live or have only been played once in a full moon sort of thing.

I am obviously giddy over the moon excited. Full announcement and all that fun stuff happens tomorrow. Tickets for such things probably go on sale early next week.

I have already warned my husband that I’ll be in ‘silly fan girl U2’ mode for the next 6 months. Cuz if the rumors are true, there are about 143 days (give or take a day or two) until they hit where we live.

My local ‘U2’ family and I have been texting back and forth already making plans.




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