Lots has happened.

I quit my dead end slinging coffee job. And no I do not have another job.

I applied for a seasonal job with the local baseball team to work home games. (Given that I live in the Midwest and there’s two baseball teams in the city and one is the current World Series Champs, that’s the one.) Waiting for the back ground check (so not worried about that), and would be more surprised if I don’t get a job offer.

I am bored silly. The cafe job ended about three weeks ago.

I went on a spree of sending out my resume to a number of temp office agencies because silly me thought that even with my rusty office skills, someone would need someone to answer a phone, right? Ha. I got radio silence from all but one place. Interviewed with them and signed up and…..nothing. Three weeks and nothing. I call weekly. Nothing.

Ok, then. I’ve been on a applying to hotels spree. So far four ‘thank you but no thank you’ replies.

Looking into volunteer work, I might try the zoo. I need to do something to get the fuck out of the apartment.

I’ve also been looking at various legit home based sorts of jobs, like writing, or copy editing or proofreading, or transcription, something along those lines. Naturally everything requires experience that I don’t have.

I’m tired of updating on here and being all Debbie Downer, but really I’m about at wit’s end.

I’d make more money by dressing down and going up to the rich suburbs and begging on the street. Those people clear $500 day. No, really. Dead serious.


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