I’m thinking that Plan B is to go back to school. At one point, before I got the ‘buy a franchise’ thing up my ass, was to get an associate’s degree via online from the city’s community college system. They offer what seems to be basically a business management degree. Or I could just get … More plans

on being social

Sometimes I have to remember to get out there and see other people in the world. I become so obsessed with LOOKING FOR A JOB NOW NOW NOW, and get so caught up in doing nothing but job hunting on my days off that I forget there are friends and possible networking opportunities that I … More on being social

the aisles

Friday when I did my weekly grocery run, I did something I rarely do (as in maybe every 6 or so months). I actually took the time to walk up and down every aisle. When I’m shopping at Trader Joe’s or Aldi’s, I do this because at those two store, I kinda have to walk … More the aisles