Once upon a time, oh say about forty years ago, in a far off land called Dublin, there was a high school. At this school there was a boy, he played drums.┬áHe wanted to form a band. So he put a note on the schools bulletin board. What was probably a few days later that … More 40

i regret nothing

So I’m participating in Word Press’s blog challenge thing and today’s task is to choose one word from a list of given words and write about it. I chose the word regret. And something that I’ve realized in the past few years is that it’s not worth it anymore to have regrets. I’ve made my … More i regret nothing

ten years

I’m writing this now, while it’s fresh in my mind. While the feelings are there and want to come out. Saturday will be ten years. I would like to think that I should not have to explain what ten years ago was. I will never forget. I will never forgive our government, on every level, … More ten years