so what now?

JFC, I did not want this to become a place to be a whiney bitch. I have a job, I have a husband who worships me, a cat who hogs the bed and a roof over my head. We are relatively debt free (a little credit card debt, but very manageable ). I am just … More so what now?

dirty day

I think I’m reaching a point where I have to realize that staying in retail isn’t going to happen. Or maybe I’m not giving it enough time.  I knew I’d be in this full time job hunt for the long haul, but when I have someone who is helping us out financially breathing down my back, … More dirty day

this and that

So I tweeted the hell out of that company that asked my age on a job assessment test. And I had friends who re tweeted my tweets. Probably not the most professional thing to do but fuck me. You do not ask for age on anything job related. You. Just. Don’t. Said company contacted me … More this and that


Here’s an age old question. How am I supposed to apply for what is basically an entry level job in a (slightly) different industry when I have no experience and they want years of it? I’m sure said job description was written by someone who really has no fucking clue what the job actually entails, … More spinning