this and that

Watching last night’s DNC speeches last night left me moved, in tears and so fired UP. I am totally with HRC. Because we cannot afford to have that….thing in the WH. So many others have expressed what I am feeling so use that thing called google. Have been researching franchises, reaching out to people who … More this and that

mojo wanted

So I emailed my mom and step dad for the ¬†money to buy a small home based franchise. I told them I didn’t need an answer until I’m down there in September. I just laid it all out, pros, cons, what I want to do, the research that I’ve done and am still doing, etc, … More mojo wanted

in the gut

The cafe job goes full time tomorrow. While I’m glad I don’t have to depend on my mom to help us out anymore (and thereby she can get out of sticking her nose in my business), in a way, I feel this is a last resort. Like I’m not good enough for anything else. In … More in the gut

because reasons

I think it’s time. Since my last post, I’ve kept on thinking that. Why not? What have I got to lose? Life is too short, right? Finding a real job that involves me leaving the house on a daily basis is not going anywhere. And I feel like I have to try this. I’m going … More because reasons