school daze redux?

Let me start off by saying my husband and my mother really don’t see eye to eye. My mom will go to her grave before admitting that I ‘married down’ and she doesn’t approve.

But they both had the idea of me looking into the local community colleges or trade schools. As in to take classes that would boost my chances of finding a job.

Trade schools these days are really those rip off for profit joke places that do nothing but rob you of your money. Kinda common knowledge there, right?

But Chicago’s got a great community college system, with two campus’ that are easy for me to get to. And….and….they offer an online associates degree in business/economics for a pretty reasonable price. The major universities here all offer online certificates for about the same price as the city community colleges.

Given that it’s been *cough*25*cough* years since I’ve set foot in a real live classroom and I don’t like the thought of giving up one or both off days to schlep to said class, the online thing is pretty appealing to me right now.

So that’s where I am right now. Took the week off from job hunting to research all this (and of course fielded a few ‘thank you but no thank you’ emails from my last job application spree), so yeah.


One thought on “school daze redux?

  1. Online classes are a good start to help you reenter the college environment. I took a couple and liked the convenience of class from home. But, I’d offer a suggestion of not totally putting off real live classes. There’s a dynamic that I didn’t find in online courses. I learned the most from these classes and also made some good friendships. Keep the faith. I learned the shortest distance between me and my goal was education.

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