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I’m about to go into full throttle silly U2 fan girl mode. My boys are about to embark on a 30 year anniversary tour of the Joshua Tree album and rumor has it that they will be playing two dates where I live in early June. OMG. Or really, OHMYFUCKINGGODICANNOTWAIT. Rumor also has it that … More begin countdown


Once upon a time, oh say about forty years ago, in a far off land called Dublin, there was a high school. At this school there was a boy, he played drums.┬áHe wanted to form a band. So he put a note on the schools bulletin board. What was probably a few days later that … More 40

this and that

Watching last night’s DNC speeches last night left me moved, in tears and so fired UP. I am totally with HRC. Because we cannot afford to have that….thing in the WH. So many others have expressed what I am feeling so use that thing called google. Have been researching franchises, reaching out to people who … More this and that

spiritual uplift

“Take these shoes Click clacking down some dead end street Take these shoes and make them fit Take this shirt Polyester white trash made in nowhere Take this shirt and make it clean, clean Take this soul Stranded in some skin and bones Take this soul and make it sing, sing” It was a good … More spiritual uplift